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We prioritize purity by Manufacturing directly, bypassing open markets and traders.

While Manufacturing we prioritize Best Quality Raw Material with our values at 9DIVINE Organics. We’re mindful of our products,  while ensuring the highest quality for our customers.

At 9DIVINE Organics, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the purest and most authentic products. By Manufacturing directly and bypassing open markets and traders, we guarantee the integrity and quality of every item we offer. Trust us to deliver authenticity, and unparalleled quality in every purchase.

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~ About us ~

Committed to Accredited Sourcing Our Philosophy at 9DIVINE Organics

“Women led Gaushala funded by Women led Business”

“9DIVINE ORGANICS” spearheaded by Varsha Sanjay Markad, blossomed from the vision of the “Kailaswasi Bajirao(Aaba) Markad Gaushala” in 2020, though its operational journey commenced officially in 2022. The gaushala, nestled in Shri Shetra Madhi, District Ahilyanagar 414106, is the nurturing abode for 163 Desi Breed Gauvansh, comprising 54 Nandi Maharaj and 109 Cows, under the stewardship of Kailaswasi Bajirao(Aaba) Markad.

We at 9Divine Organics Manufacture High Quality Cow Dung based products which includes Dhoop Sticks, Vermicompost, Cowdung Wood, Cowdung Cakes, Incense sticks, etc.


Why Organic?
Go organic for your well-being and the planet. Experience the difference with 9DIVINE Organics.
Speciality Produce
Explore unique and exceptional specialty produce at 9DIVINE Organics. Elevate your meals with our carefully curated selection, sourced for quality and flavor.

Discover the Pure Essence Our Products Crafted from our Gausala, Fully Organic

Experience the essence of purity with our products crafted entirely from Gosala, ensuring they are fully organic. At 9DIVINE Organics, we prioritize authenticity and quality, offering you a range of eco-friendly treasures rooted in tradition


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